Monday, February 25, 2013


It's been a while, but I figured I'd catch everyone up on the job situation!

On Superbowl Sunday, Reami called me and told me to be at Cricket by 10AM because her boss was giving me a shot at a new job. This was obviously very last minute, and I was excited, nervous and a bit worried. We made it work, though, and I went in for my first day.

Well, it was a major success! After two days, I was already given a key and told to run my own store. I was obviously astonished, as I'd never been given that much freedom or power in a public workplace. I was excited, but also baffled!

Of course, this led to a lot of worrying, anxiety and sleep adjustment, but it all worked out nicely. Reami and I are even running the store together, using alternating shifts to allow us each to actually have lives. It's awesome working with one of your best friends, and even more so when it involves stuff that I enjoy!

Now, I realize that I'm not exactly making bank with this job under the current schedule, and also that Cricket Wireless is not the world's greatest cell phone company. It's still a very relaxed job, though, and allows me to mess with electronics and talk to people all day long, which is all I could ask for, really!

Also, I should probably mention that there was one close-to-dangerous hiccup, which I don't really want to go in depth about right now, but it appears to have been resolved and everything should be fine long term!

Suffice it to say, my new job has pretty much been my life for nearly a month. My first actual pay day is just around the corner, and I am SO ready to actually have money again, even if a large portion is going directly to bills!

For now, I think I'm done, but I'll try to keep up with this blog a bit more regularly from now on. More frequent short posts as opposed to rare multi-page posts will do me some good, I think!

Thanks for stopping by!

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