Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gun Law Rant

     Okay, I think it's time to chime in on this whole "American Rights" thing and how gun laws do or do not relate to this...

     First of all, I am all for the ability to own some sort of gun(s) and other various forms of weaponry, but I do feel as though there should be restrictions. Why does a civilian need access to high calibur weaponry? What use do we really have for that sort of thing, realistically?

     Honestly, you can argue against that point all day long, but the fact of the matter is that, aside from hunting weaponry and basic pistols, no one truly has a need for any of this stuff outside of law enforcement, military and other such groups.

     That said, I completely agree with the new changes to gun law. They have not taken away our rights to own weapons. They've simply added more restrictions to prevent abuse, just like they have with beer/alcohol, cigarettes and even other forms of weaponry over the course of US history.

     Do these restrictions remove all potential for abuse? No! No one ever claimed they would! But have they reduced the overall percentage of abuse? Historically speaking, yes, and I believe that this will indeed be the case with the new changes to gun law.

     None of this is about taking away rights and it certainly doesn't have an overall negative impact on the country as a whole. Everyone will learn to accept this stuff, just as they have in the past, and life will go on and it will do so in a safer way. To what extent, I don't know, but even if it's extremely minor, it's still better than no positive impact at all.

     As for blaming the president, none of this is any specific president's fault. People just like to whine and point fingers at the mascot instead of actually doing research and grasping the idea that there are FAR more players in the political game. The same goes with any other problem that this country faces. Oil prices, for example, have nothing to do with the president and in fact, we can't even do a whole lot to impact that.

     Still, at the end of the day, there are always going to be people on either side of each debate. But it's true that many are misinformed; usually because of the media. Many people choose to believe what they see on their television(s), or what they read in the first article they come across. In many cases, it is not even the fault of any single person. The media is very powerful, after all, but only because we give them that power.

     However, there are those that choose to be ignorant on their own terms, and sadly, their numbers grow every day. It's the way of the world, and it will remain as such until we blow ourselves up.

     I could go on about this all day, but I think I've said enough for the moment.

     And with that, I'm off! Take it easy, folks!

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